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Zuku Pay bill

Zuku is a local brand that is based in East Africa. It was started by the Wananchi Group with the main objective of providing high class communication services and making home entertainment better. It is being accessed by a growing number of people across the region, and this class is mostly the middle class in Africa.

The services that the company offers have been launched successfully in Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. They were recently launched in Malawi and there are ambitious plans to ensure that the company moves to other areas in the coming days.

The Zuku satellite gives millions of households the chance to watch digital television. This is in addition to the internet connection made possible by the Zuku fiber as well as the provision of phones. The company offers affordable services charged at friendly rates as you will see on reading on here. You will learn more about the various services and products availed by Zuku to you. Customers pay subscription charges to access these services and products.

Zuku Pay bill number

You can pay your Zuku subscription through Mpesa. In order to process the payment successfully, make sure that you have your Zuku account number. Moreover, have the Zuku pay bill number which is 2202220 for the Zuku satellite TV. Use the pay bill number 320321 if you are loading the Zuku fiber phone airtime. Pay bill number 320320 is used when loading or activating Zuku fiber.

How to pay via Mpesa

If you want to make payments for your Zuku TV subscription via Mpesa, follow the steps below:

  • Access the Mpesa menu on the phone
  • Choose the Pay Bill alternative
  • Key in the business number, which is 220220
  • Key in your Zuku account number in the account code
  • Key in the amount you wish to pay
  • Enter the Mpesa pin and press send
  • You will be get a message confirmation on your phone about the payment made
  • The payment you make will be activated after 15 minutes

If you wish to pay for the Zuku fiber, you should follow the steps outlined below:

  • Open the Mpesa menu on your phone
  • Choose the pay bill alternative
  • Enter the fiber business number which is 320320
  • Key in your Zuku account number in the account code
  • Key in the amount you wish to spend
  • Key in the Mpesa PIN and press send
  • You will get a confirmation message via SMS
  • The payment you have made will be activated in 15 minutes time.

If you intend to load your Zuku fiber with airtime, follow the steps below:

  • Access the Mpesa menu on the phone
  • Choose the Pay Bill alternative
  • On the business number place, key in 320321
  • Enter your account number, and this is the Zuku account number under your name
  • Key in the amount you wish to spend
  • Enter the Mpesa PIN of your line and press send
  • You will get a confirmation message through SMS
  • The payment you have made will reflect in two hours or less

Packages availed by Zuku Kenya

There are numerous packages that are available for customers to enjoy under Zuku Kenya. These packages are grouped into various options and you can choose the best that suits you. The kid are also well thought of in the Zuku Kenya packages. The packages are grouped into Zuku Fiber and Zuku satellite TV.

Home internet triple pay (Zuku fiber)

Internet only: This is a package for internet services only. You can receive 10 Mbps unrestrained internet which comes with a free modem and the installation will be free. This package will cost you 3499 Kenya Shillings. If you are in dire need of the classic pack, you will only to pay an additional 499 Kenya Shillings to the package cost.

Zuku Home premium: This is a package that gives you up to 100 Mbps. Such is internet at a very high speed. You will get the installation for free, so you don’t pay a dime. You are also allowed to have free calls from Zuku to Zuku and you can receive over 60 international and local channels in the package. The package will cost you 9,999 Kenya Shillings.

Zuku Home Basic: The package allows you a high speed internet up to 30 Mbps. You will receive the installation for free. The Zuku to Zuku calls will be free and you can access over 56 international and local channels. The cost of the package is 4,699 Kenya Shillings.

Zuku Home Advanced: The package will cost you 19,999 Kenya Shillings, and it comes with an array of facilities. The installation is free and the Zuku to Zuku calls are also free. There are over 106 international and local channels availed to you. The internet speed is very high at 250 Mbps.

Zuku Home Preferred: The package will only cost 5,999 Kenya Shillings, and you have various facilities at your disposal. The installation is free for this package and the calls from Zuku to Zuku are also free. The unlimited internet speed for this package is 50 Mbps. The local and international channels availed to you are over 57.

Zuku Fiber for business

This is the Zuku package for businesses and it has a high speed internet that ranges from 20 to 100 Mbps. You will be given a router for free. There will also be some free airtime of about 1,500 Kenya Shillings as well as a free telephone handset whose retail cost is 1,500 Kenya Shillings. If you buy the Zuku office for 100 Mbps, you will receive an IP address which is free static. The Zuku office costs are as indicated below:

  • 7,699 Kenya shillings for a speed of up to 20 Mbps
  • 10,999 Kenya shillings for a speed of up to 50 Mbps
  • 14,999 Kenya shillings for a speed of up to 100 Mbps

Accessories and devices for Zuku fiber

These include a Huawei Gpon modem, castlenet decoder, and Technicolor decoder among others.