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Shabiki jackpot


To register in your shabiki jackpot account, you need to follow the instructions below:

  • To register via text message, you can use code 290863 to carry out the process.
  • Registration can also be carried out via website with the code 29064. To register via the website, you will go on this web:
  • Select the tab that says, “join now.”
  • You will then use your registered cell number by Mpesa and place the password you created.
  • Then you will put your password another time for confirmation and check-mark the terms and conditions.
  • After that, to finish off the process, you will click the join now tab again.

Pay bill number:

To play the Shabiki jackpot, you need to know the Safaricom pay bill number for entering every time.

The pay bill number is 290063. You will go to the Mpesa menu and, after further steps, enter the pay bill number provided to continue playing.


To place deposit money in your account/e-wallet, you need to carry out the following instructional steps:

  • You will first of all go to the Mpesa menu
  • Then select the Lipa na Mpesa
  • Enter the official pay bill number
  • Then enter the account number provided by shabiki
  • Enter the amount that you require
  • Then enter the Mpesa pin of yours to complete the process and enter ok
  • The funds will be transferred in your e-wallet


If you want a bonus, you must be an outstanding player only then you will be awarded one. The categories of bonuses awarded are:

  • Correct 9 predictions: 1 million each
  • Correct 8 predictions: 100,000 each
  • Correct 7 predictions: 1000 each
  • Correct 6 predictions: a free bet

The shabiki awards these bonuses to almost all players once in a while. Free bets are valid for weekly jackpots. Depending on the bonus amount you got, the money will be paid through a bank account into your e-wallet. If you have been awarded for more than one category, then you will be awarded a bonus per bet slip.


To withdraw the money, you will follow the following instructions:

  • The first step is to send the word W#Amount to 29063. For example, to withdraw 200, send the word W#200.
  • Then you will be charged with a certain amount of Mpesa and text messages.
  • You will receive the amount and confirmation message of withdrawal.

Betting tips: 

Here are the weekly betting tips:

  • When the players are given an analyzed trial version. They should give their best in to choose the right jackpot predictions.
  • Make payments frequently
  • Manage your jackpot predictions
  • Buy tips


This pack of information dives into everything you need to know about Kenya’s shabiki jackpots. You can easily register and carry out your predictions and win a lot of bonuses, as well.

They are really caring and lenient towards their players, so that is a plus point. You can also follow the instructions to save time finding ways to operate your account.