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MPESA Charges, Rates & Costs for Withdrawing

Safaricom has implemented new rates for MPESA after the proposal of the Kenya government to increase 2% on the excise duty charge on the service providers.

This increase in the duty charges compels the Safaricom to adjust the amount upward the charges which they were charging from MPESA Transactions.

However, at present, Safaricom charges, rates or costs on withdrawing money will depend on the amount which you are going to withdraw or transfer.

For different money amount, the charges which will be applied as withdrawing fees will also go to be difficult after implementation of an increase in the MPESA charges which its users have to pay.

Kenyans are going to dig deeper into their pockets from now because of the new charges which have been implemented on the transactions and withdrawals for the money through MPESA.

Most interestingly a majority of MPESA users are on Safaricom which is without any doubt going to play a major role in this process.

MPESA charges to withdraw your required amount 

However, most of the people around there want to know the charges or cost which they have to pay to withdraw money from their M-PESA.

To know what you have to pay to withdraw your required amount from the M-PESA account you must have a look at the following table in this regard.

Having a look at the following information to know about the Withdrawal charges is without any doubt going to be the best opportunity here: So, here we go: Important Note: This table consists of the amount which you have to pay for withdrawing your required amount from any MPESA agent all around Kenya according to the MPESA charges which were introduced on June 1, 2018, by the service provider.

Amount range to withdraw

M-PESA Charges

1 to 49 N/A
50 to 100 10
101 to 500 27
501 to 1,000 28
1001 to 1,500 28
1501 to 2,500 28
2501 to 3,500 50
3501 to 5,000 67
5001 to 7,500 84
7501 to 10,000 112
10,001 to 15,000 162
15,001 to 20,000 180
20,001 to 35,000 191
35,001 to 50,000 270
50,001 to 70,000 300

Mpesa transactions rates for ATM withdrawal

These are the charges which are specified for MPESA ATM Withdrawal:

Minimum Ksh Maximum Ksh M-PESA Charges
200 2,500 34
2,501 5000 67
5,001 10,000 112
10,001 20,000 197

Get to know more about M-PESA Global here

M-PESA Global is an electronic wallet that can allow the account holders to save, transfer and receive money through their mobile phones. However, this service is meant to enable the registered customers of M-PESA to receive and send money all around the globe.

Kenyans are now capable of sending money across the borders through their mobile phones and without going to any bank or other similar service providers.

It is not only the quickest money transfer solution that people can use but also the safest one to enjoy amazing services in the best possible way.

MPESA has made life easier

MPESA is one of the most amazing opportunities which the people of Kenya are using for years. This is one of the best services which is providing an effective opportunity for Kenyans to receive, store and send the money through their mobile phones with the help of the MPESA account.

According to the statistical records of the central bank of Kenya, Kenyans are receiving more than Ksh25 billion every month in the diaspora remittances which can be translated almost Ksh300 billion in the entire year.

This money is being ranged from tokens which are being used by Kenyans which are living in the dispersion to their friends and families at home to sort out the school fees, medical expenses, fundraises to the big funds of the dollars for investing in the industry of real estate and other ventures.

However, when it comes to receiving money from the UK, UAE or the United States or any other regions where you can find the majority of diaspora remittances was a real hustle. More often it took days or even weeks to complete the process of a successful transaction.

Even more, most of the senders were using bank transfers or even international services of money transfer which have their limitations or constraints on the process of getting the money to transfer the receipt. However, the recipients in Kenya does not need to be worried about these lengthy transfers hectic anymore.

It is because they are now safe from the entire hassle of receiving money from any other region in the world. The time has gone long to wait for days or even weeks to get done with the process of receiving money from their loved ones who are apart.

They have an amazing solution that can help them to save their precious time and efforts of going from one bank to another and completing the process of receiving transactions. With the launch of M-PESA global ease and convenience of money transactions related processes have become more manageable in the best possible way.

The international money transfer service of Safaricom has established a more effective solution in the form of MPESA Global which is a true helper of everyone out there and helping people a lot in the best possible way.

This was without any doubt a much-needed convenience, ease and speed transfer solution which has brought an amazing level of comfort in the lived of Kenyans more effectively.

It is because it has made it more effective, efficient and easier to receive money across the borders in a perfect way. MPESA is an amazing service that is there to help people with quick and more convenient money transfers and withdraws. The latest MPESA Global is meant to help the people beyond borders.

However, when it comes to withdrawing the amount available in the MPESA account then there are some charges which you have to pay. Although the charges are different for different amount ranges but these are quite affordable to enjoy the amazingness of this great service.