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Mega dollar lottery

This information is comprising of all instructions to access the mega-dollar lottery and other lottery gaming sites that offer different sets of quizzes and games every day and lots of surprises for the winners.

Contact and websites are given where you can easily register and start playing now. Instruction on how to play and what happens with the winners are also given.


Steps to register in the mega-dollar lottery are:

  • You will send 50 Ksh to the Mpesa Pay bill number.For that you will get to the Mpesa menu, select pay bill, enter the account number, Mega.
  • Then you will enter the amount 50 then your registered pin number and press enter.
  • Viola the deposit will be made. You will receive a confirmation email or text.
  • The successful deposit will help you register and create your account.
  • You will then send your name to the code number 29588, which could be your full name or just the initial letters you mostly use.
  • This text message will be costing you an amount of 2 Ksh. Once you are registered, you will again receive a text from the mega-dollar lottery confirming your registration.
  • They will advise you on how to play further.

How to play:

Follow these simple steps to learn how to play:

  • The first step is to send a text message of the word ‘win’ to the number 29588.
  • Top up your account.
  • Send ticket numbers.
  • Watch and win.

Once you make a deposit, you will receive a set of questions that will be your quiz. Every correctly answered question will award you 100 extra points and entries into the draw that takes place daily.

Each text message response will cost you 2 Ksh as advised that will be deducted from your airtime balance.

Pay bill number: 

The Mpesa pay bill number for the mega-dollar lottery is 295888. The account name is Kameme or Mega.

These pay bill numbers will help you play the mega-dollar lottery games and also to deposit and withdraw money all the time.

Without this pay bill number information and account number info, you cannot access the accounts. So it is eminent info and needs to be added to your memo list.


Winners are always informed in time by the customer services. It can be either informed through their official number or via text messages. Winners are awarded with hefty bonuses and granted their money through Mpesa. There is also an offer of daily winners. There is a specific amount of 50k for daily winners and 29k for hourly winners. Then there is a grand winner awarded at the end of the draw. It is also aired on the television. Grand prize is a huge amount of 10 million!


The website for all types of mega-dollar lottery companies is:


Helpline number: 0792 265 969, 0736 788 154, 0727 471 556


Social media: Facebook and Instagram: @teguachapaa @megadollarlottery