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Loreto high school limuru

Loreto high school is an all-girls national school made in the 1930s. Founders of this school were the Loreto sisters. Their journey took place from Ireland to the welcoming and beautiful lands of Kenya and settled down in their new home, creating this platform for girls and to promote Catholic teachings.

They wanted to practically teach African girls who weren’t given the right to get educated. Their belief in women’s empowerment was headstrong. Their first students did well in Cambridge examinations, and till now, this high school is flourishing eminently. The achievements were also very exquisite and delightful:

  • Noble peace prize laureate
  • Wanjiku Kabira academic and author
  • Ng’ endo Mwangi first female physician of Kenya
  • Carole Wainaina united nations official
  • Professor Wangari Maathai
  • Martha Mbugua lawyer.

Location of the high school:  

It is located in the lush green highlands of Karambaini, Kenya. This is also known as central Kenya. It is an hour’s drive from the capital city of Nairobi.

If you are traveling to Kenya and want to visit the high school, then follow these location instructions and find the spot in a quick fix! Also, if you are in Kenya, it will be really easy for you to know where this high school is because it is listed in the top 3 high schools in Kenya since 2007.

Sponsorship and contacts:

The Loreto High School Limuru is sponsored by the respected Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi. The Loreto sisters made sure that the school will be listed in a religious interface and will be promoted as a catholic platform for young girls. Although the institution type of the school is somewhat classified as-Ordinary.

The contacts of the school are:

Physical location: Karambaini, Kenya

Address: P.O. Box Private Bag Limuru 00217

City/Town: Kiambu town

County: Kiambu

School code: 11200005

Phone number: 020-2023196, 0736-088139


Coordinates: latitude: -1.1210124, longitude: 36.6569533 and altitude is 2,227m.


For fee structure and account number details, the principal’s head office can be contacted. As this is private information and not disclosed for outsiders. The instructions to find the fee structure is:

A contact number is provided. Call directly at the principal’s office.

If they do not respond quickly, then send a manual mail through their P.O. Box address and fill out the admission form are possible, so you seem like an interested candidate, and then you will be answered more quickly.

Someone from the head office will send you the see structure and account number details.


This pack of information gives out all about the Loreto high school Limuru including its location, sponsorships, contracts, and fee structure instructions. If you are applying to the top listed high school in Kenya, then this information is your go-to.

Follow these instructions and achieve your goal. Although you must have impressive transcripts to get admission in this high school as the competition is high for students. You will need to be good at a lot more than just grades.