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Bet Palace

Bet Palace is a popular betting company based in Kenya. Bet Palace Limited is the rightful owner of Bet Palace betting site. Bet Palace Limited is licensed by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya.

The law under which Bet Palace operates is the Betting, Gaming, and Lotteries Act, cap 131 of the laws of Kenya. It operates under 000011 as the license number.

It is imperative to bet in a responsible way so as to minimize the occurrence of the unfortunate predicaments. Parents should train their children about the evils of betting.

Moreover, there should be moderation so that betting does not go over board. If you check the old men and women who bet, most of them have made it in life and they are betting as a means of livelihood. 

A person who bets as a means of earning a living should be careful not to bet with his life.

How to register on BetPalace

You can register through your mobile phone or visit their online page.

How to register through the mobile phone

It is usually called registration via the SMS service.

  • Go to your message menu on the phone and type the word BETPALACE as one word.
  • Send it to 29085.
  • They will send a message to welcome you and a link for to use to visit the site.
  • After you are done with registration, you may choose to bet either from your mobile phone or on the online platform.

How to do online registration

If you are in a place where you can access internet, it is advisable you do it online since there are no charges.

Once you have opened the bet palace website on click on the sign up icon.

Fill in the details as they have requested and press submit.

Since you will have filled in your mobile phone number, they will send a message of verification which you must use to verify and activate your account.

How to deposit money on Bet Palace

You can deposit money on your bet palace account using the mobile phone or through visiting their website.

If you wish to register through the mobile phone, follow the below steps:

  • Open your Mpesa Menu on the mobile phone
  • Choose the Lipa na Mpesa option
  • Key in the pay bill number 290085
  • The account number to fill in is BETPALACE as one word
  • Key in the amount you want to use in betting. Go on to finalize the Mpesa process of depositing as normally done
  • Your bet palace account, commonly called wallet, will be loaded with the amount you have indicated.

If you wish to register online, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the bet palace web page
  • On the top right corner of the page, click on “Register.” It is next to the “Log in” icon.
  • A dialogue page will open that welcomes you to bet palace.
  • There is a registration form that you must fill where you supply your mobile phone number and your preferred password. After you have done that, click on register.
  • You will receive a message with a verification code which you must use to verify your account.

You are now free to start betting in bet palace.

How to place a bet on bet palace

Under bet palace, you can place a bet either on their website or through the mobile phone. You can bet for multi bets, i.e. many games, or single bets. Check on the favorite game you love and place your preferred bet.

How to place single bets through the SMS

Check on the game ID of your preferred match on the bet palace web or from the message sent on your mobile phone. For a single bet:

Send GameID#YourPick#stake(amount) to 29085. For example, in order to place a bet worth 1000 Kenya shillings on game ID 4567, you send 4567#1#1000 for the home win with 1000 Kenya shillings on 4567 as the game ID.

Placing a multi bet on SMS

You should several favorite games to bet on. Send gameID1#yourpick1#gameID2#yourpick2#gameID3#yourpick3#stake to 29085. If you wish to place a multi bet for 100 Kenya shillings for game ID1 to game ID2, send 4567#1#6789#2#100.

You should be aware that

  • 1 represents the home team
  • X is a draw
  • 2 is the away team to win
  • OV25 means that more 2.5 goals will be scored
  • UN25 means that less than 2.5 goals will be scored
  • 1X stands for the home team win or a draw
  • X2 stands for a draw or the away team win
  • 12 means that either home team or away team may win

Betting via the web

Visit the bet palace website and select the matches you prefer. Click on the icon PLACE BET which is under the tag BETSLIP. You must log in so as to complete the bet.

How to withdraw money on bet palace

You can either withdraw via SMS or the through the website.

The SMS method entails:

Send Withdraw#amount to the short code 29085.

If you are using the website to withdraw, click on withdraw icon on the website and you will be given the instructions to follow to withdraw.

Mfalme bonus on bet palace

The bet palace platform has a 2000 Kenya shilling reward to welcome you to the platform. You can redeem it through:

Registering on the website or send the word JOIN to the short code 29085 so that you may receive the mfalme bonus.

Load your account with money using the Mpesa pay bill 290085

Choose a multibet or single bet that must be having more than 4 odds and place your stake.

Once you bet, the mfalme bonus will cater for 10% of your stake.