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To register for your betin Kenya account. You will follow the following instructions:

  • Visit this website: Then, you will enter your phone or cell number and create a good password that cannot be identified. Then confirm.
  • Via text message, you will get a confirmation code which you will enter on the website. Then click on the verify button to gain further access.
  • Your account will be confirmed, and then you will log in to your account from scratch by entering your respective username and password.

You are now ready to start playing.


Bonus offers are seasonal and happen optionally throughout the year on and off. You can check the home page of the Betpawa website. Then check if there is any live bonus offer or not. Then you can check further that how much amount you need to deposit in order to get a bonus. Make the following deposit and login to your account. All bonus rules will appear. To accept or decline the bonus offer, it is up to you which button you press further.

Jackpot bets: 

This also depends on the website when it is going to upload new jackpot betting offers. To place a jackpot bet, you can put it through SMS/text message and write down your ID and your 13 selections for the betting to the coded and encrypted number of the service 29029. You will get a confirmation text back, so that will prove that you have placed your jackpot bet.


You can easily make deposits through your account, which is said to be the M-Pesa account in Kenya. The account number to whom you will be sending money will be 290029. There is another way to place deposits, and that is through visiting the eazibet shops. Buy a voucher and place your deposit.


To withdraw the money, you can quickly go to the eazibet website and log in to your eazibet account. Click on the withdrawal button and select the preferred method of getting withdrawals from the website. Then follow simple instructional steps to get your amount. Minimum withdrawal is Kenyan currency 50 Ksh. 20 Ksh is charged per withdrawal also. Small amounts of withdrawals are much faster than higher amounts, which take up to 24 hours to transfer.

Pay bill number 

Here are the following pay bill numbers:

  • Business number: 850704
  • Account number: Betyetu


Here are the contacts for two of the betting websites that work in Kenya:


  • number: +254 70 072 1017
  • outlets in Kenya: imenti house, central Nairobi vision place.


  • 0790 353 079
  • 0739 892 368


The following websites are for all types of betin services provided in Kenya:



Here is a pack of information on betin in Kenya. How to register, deposit, withdraw, etc. everything is mentioned. You can follow these simple steps to bet and make accounts in the pages registered above easily.