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BetBoss: Registration, placing bets, charges, Paybill Number, Winners, Jackpot.

There exist an amazing variety of online betting sports websites in Kenya which can be ranged from shocking to awe-inspiring with ease based on their quality playing, an amazing range of features, easy to use interfaces and other similar qualities which can attract the users with ease.

Well, Betboss is an amazing betting platform which is one of the top options to choose for the players out there.

BetBoss is owned by White Rhino Ventures Ltd and was established in the year 2017. BetBoss is a different platform with its own unique style which is offering surprising features and jackpots which make it more preferable as compared to its other competitions.

Features of BetBoss which you must know

Well, here are some of the most amazing and inspiring features of BetBoss which is highly important for you to know what it can offer you in the best possible way. So, have a look at the features given below:

1. Unmatchable Jackpots

  1. When it comes to BetBoss jackpots then these are truly unmatchable because BetBoss is offering huge jackpots that no other platform is offering at present.
  2. BetBoss is offering 5 million ksh for the users who are predicting 13 matches perfectly with bonuses for predicting 10 to 12 matches correctly.
  3. However, in Super weekly jackpot correct predictions of 13 matches can let the players get an amazing grand prize of Ksh 100 million and the bonuses here are starting from 10 correct predictions. Most interestingly, the bet amount on these jackpots is Ksh 100. 

2. Amazing variety of games to bet on

  1. There is an amazing variety of games available to bet on BetBoss.
  2. The available game options are including football, darts, boxing, basketball, baseball, volleyball, Rugby league, Cricket, Rugby union, American football, Motorsports, Ice hockey, Golf, Handball, Etc. users with different interests can get an amazing opportunity to enjoy betting at the same platform with ease.

3. Mobile and desktop betting

  1. BetBoss is offering an amazing and smooth experience of playing at different screen sizes.
  2. The website is not only providing a user-friendly gaming option on desktop but can also help the users to browse the website with ease because the things are managed quite nicely all around.
  3. Even more, if you want to enjoy an amazing opportunity on your mobile then using the BetBoss application can be a better choice for you to prefer.
  4. The BetBoss application contains all of the amazing features available at the website and has been designed for both iOS and Android to provide the users with more convenience.

4. Reliability

  1. Users of BetBoss has been touted this as the most reliable betting platform to use.
  2. With perfect tech and support, BetBoss is being considered as the most trusted and loved a platform to be used.
  3. Any kind of help which is required can be found from the section of terms and conditions with ease.

5. Perfect betting options

  1. BetBoss contains good betting margins. Here you can find more than 4% on the market for football.
  2. Generally, other sportsbooks are keeping the betting margin around 3.5%. Due to its nice betting margin, BetBoss is known as the most valued Kenya’s sportsbook.
  3. The top market games are football, basketball, cricket, and rugby. Most interestingly, you can see the sports menu and the most popular bets on the homepage of this platform.

6. Attractive Bonuses

  1. BetBoss is also offering various attractive bonuses. However, these bonuses require the users to bet a certain amount to redeem.
  2. Once you will get done with this then you will get various bonuses depending on the promotional link you are using.
  3. You need to have Ksh 50 at least to utilize these bonuses.

7. Highly appreciable customer support

The strongest feature of the BetBoss is its customer support. You can easily contact the customer support service here through the available live chat option if you have to get in touch with the bookmaker.

Even more, you can also get benefit from the available email service of the BetBoss which can be done with an online form.

There is also an option to contact them by calling at 0703 065 777.

8. Payout time

It offers instant payout time. The winning users do not have to wait to get their payout in their hands. However, the only thing which you have to do is to consider the rules and regulations which BetBoss has implied related to payouts and the things will get done quicker than you think.

How to deposit in BetBoss?

Here are two of the most common options to deposit money to BetBoss:

  • MPESA number of BetBoss is 290442. You can simply deposit money to this number and can start playing BetBoss.
  • Another option is to Send BETBOSS to 29442 and get a PIN through SMS to start playing.  

What is the best way to bet on BetBoss?

With MPESA, from the menu of MPESA, you have to go to the option of Lipa Na M-PESA. Send amount 100ksh to the Paybill number of BetBoss which is 290442. For a lucky pick send the amount with the account number “JP”. You can also make your own collection here with ease.

How to withdraw your winnings from BetBoss?

  • To claim your winning amount, you can send WITHDRAW and the amount you won to 29442.
  • Your mobile amount account will be credited with your winning amount quickly. The minimum amount to withdraw is 100ksh.

How to check the BetBoss account balance?

For balance inquiry, send “Bal” to 29442. Soon, you will get a confirmation message with the balance information of your account.


BetBoss is one of the best betting and sports booking website at present in Kenya.

They are majorly focusing on their amazing betting selection opportunities and offering amazing support services.

Even more, the jackpot option is a solid attraction of this platform as well.

It is good to see an amazing option like BetBoss in the list of sports booking websites who are truly working hard to make their customers happier and providing them more amazing opportunities to enjoy their games with ease.